A Note to the Universe

Hello Universe. Good morning on this rainy, gray Erie day. I want to ask your help with something. Well, with everything, really.

Lightening Power

A few years ago, you snapped me out of my sleep and opened my eyes to the brightness of more possibilities I thought existed in the regular course of life. The journey started with tragedy and hardship–the deaths of my mom and father-in-law. But the pain from those losses is easing, becoming more dull every day. At first, the ebbing pain was replaced with a numbness and apathy not in keeping with my personality.

But, after a year of reflection, somehow I was brought around to the idea that this life is a beautiful thing–beautiful but brief. I began to assess what goals I wanted to accomplish and what kind of person I wanted to become. I was 36, but I felt like I was six and my mommy had just dropped me off at school, crying at being torn away from her.

I started this blog, “Renaissance Housewife.” My thinking was this: I was a mommy and wife who mostly took care of kids, house, errands, and meals, but I had a core of creativity and wonder inside me that I wasn’t tapping into. I had unmet potential. I had so much more to offer the world–and myself. I had so much more to explore in the world–and of myself. Time, it was a’wasting. It was time for my personal renewal, time for me to wake up and get started.

So I convinced my husband we needed time away from the chaos of modern culture so we could assess, as individuals, as a couple, and as a family, what was truly important to all of us. Perceived by some as selfish and by others as a waste of time, our six months in Belize was the most beautiful gift we’ve ever given ourselves. Not only was the time away fun and peaceful in and of itself, but it was also an intense period of self-discovery. We peeled away the layers of gunk in our regular, “normal,” mainstream, American life and saw the truth beneath, seemingly for the very first time.

The universe took us a long way so far. Hearing our tiny whispers in the darkness, the power-the spirit-the great and massive energy of the universe picked us up on its benevolent wings and lifted us higher than the clouds. It started with the dream of taking a family sabbatical, which materialized effortlessly with an unbelievable synchronicity that put the tools we needed to achieve this dream directly in our path. We set our intention, stepped through the thin veil of fear, and were astounded by what we saw on the other side of the curtain.

The six month sabbatical massively changed us and completely transformed our lives. Our paradigm for living is turned on its head. We now know: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I like to think of life as a garden. My garden (metaphorically and the real-life one in my backyard, as a matter of fact) is grown up in weeds. Weeds are the things that will grow wild when the gardener doesn’t cultivate the plants she wants. Eventually, those weeds will choke out the intended outcome of the garden. To have the garden she wants, with delicious herbs, robust vegetables, or beautiful flowers, the gardener must set her intention on what she wants it to look like and then set a plan to make that garden happen. This plan will include deciding what to plant. Maybe it will be neat rows of lettuce and carrots. Or a creative disarray of daisies and oregano. Maybe it will be simple; or maybe it will be expansive. Whatever image the gardener intends, she can make the image happen and bring her ideal garden into being.

I believe I keep getting very close to unveiling the secret of how to create my perfect life but then I fall back into my old ways and lose the thread of it. Fear, insecurity, guilt, laziness, or lack of understanding all get in the way of me being my best self.

For now, I’m asking the universe to please help me on my path to the best and happiest version of myself. I’m setting my intention on my goals. I want to focus on my children and husband above all else, and I want to do this through travel and learning together as a family about the world and our place in it. I want to cut the incessant chatter of the modern culture and find simplicity deep within myself, and I want to write about it to both inspire others and to earn an income that will allow me to keep following my dreams.

I need to let go of the clutter, the chatter, and my expectations in order to set these dreams in motion. There is power available to me–to all of us–in our lives. It doesn’t matter what you call this power–God, Supreme Being, Allah, the Universe, the Source, or whatever. It only matters that you embrace it, love it, and lose yourself completely in it. Because when you lose yourself in the power of the universe, you wake up. When you let go, you actually grab on more tightly to the things that really matter. And when you love the power in the universe, you are actually loving yourself because the power is in you. The power IS you.

The challenge is simple for me and for you. What do you want to plant in YOUR garden? What life do you want to create for yourself?  


Follow my new website, ExitNormal.com, for more insights on how you can create your perfect life. Sometimes this requires leaving the old life behind and moving on from what you once perceived as normal. 


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Writer, mother of four awesome kids, and free thinker, Domini Hedderman is the author of the book, Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life, which tells the story of her family's six-month sabbatical in Belize. Since the trip, she and her family are homeschooling and traveling extensively. Her soul mission is to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Check out her other website at http://www.ExitNormal.com.

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2 thoughts on “A Note to the Universe

    • Hi Regina,

      Belize is a beautiful country but, from one who only lived there for six months, I’ve heard that it’s not for everyone. The expats I met who loved it and would never leave tended to be pioneering spirits who were searching for a very different way of life than the one they had in the land of their birth. Belize tends to call to the rugged individualists who long for more freedom, more awareness, and more natural beauty and ability to live off the land.

      Are you thinking of retiring there?

      Thanks for reading along!


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