The Book is Published!

At long last, the book I first envisioned a year ago is ready for sale! This book is my dream come true and tells the story of our wake-up call, when we realized that if we’re going to live the life of our dreams, it’s now or never. So we took off for Belize for six months with our family, where each of us in our family changed even more than we ever thought possible.

(I’ll be talking about these changes in future posts. They include things like homeschooling our kids, taking more frequent slow-travel trips, and redefining the way we perceive of finances, debt, and consumerism.)

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In the book, I gently make the argument that readers should consider taking a similar kind of break from regular life. I believe that getting out of your comfort zone through travel can freshen you and jump-start a life that may have fallen into a numbing routine. New can be frightening but new is what keeps us feeling excited to be alive.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life and for checking me out on Facebook and Twitter and maybe sharing it with your friends. :) I hope you enjoy our story of how ‘exiting normal’ not only gave us extraordinary time with our kids while they’re still young enough to be under our roof but also helped us rethink every element of our lives.

[Right now, the book is available only in Kindle format through Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app on your Mac, iPad, or even PC.¬†Soon, I’ll be releasing it in other formats, including a print version.]

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Writer, mother of four awesome kids, and free thinker, Domini Hedderman is the author of the book, Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life, which tells the story of her family's six-month sabbatical in Belize. Since the trip, she and her family are homeschooling and traveling extensively. Her soul mission is to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Check out her other website at

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4 thoughts on “The Book is Published!

  1. Domi I really ejoyed your book. It’s a book to read over and over. Made me feel like I was there woth all of you. Hope to see You soon. Love,
    Aunt Connie

  2. Congrats on the new book! The concept sounds like something I’d be very interested in, so I’m going to go and take a look. I look forward to reading what you plan to write about the topics of simplifying and travel here on your blog. My family lives a very busy life, and I’m not sure if we can do anything at this time to change that at this time, but I’m open to ideas.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for following along with our story. I think ‘busy’ is a national health issue… and something we all sink into without realizing it. Even though we’ve seemingly changed everything in one fell swoop, it really is more a matter of making small changes toward a larger goal.

      Peace to you and may all your dreams come true!


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