It’s Been A Long Time

Hello all. It’s been a long time since I posted anything on Renaissance Housewife. I’ve just about deserted this blog… and upon opening up the “Add New Post” page, I swear I smelled dust! I promise I haven’t been lazy, though. I’ve been focusing most of my writing efforts at Exit Normal, my new blog, as well as working many, many hours homeschooling the kids. We also took two months (from the end of September 2013 to the end of November 2013) to travel 12,000 miles across our country in our Exit Normal road trip travel trailer.

Exit Normal Trailer at Yellowstone

The road trip was intended to be a learning experience for the kids but we truly underestimated the depth of education they would receive in traveling all across our big, beautiful, diverse country. Two months, 18 states, 7 national parks and corresponding Junior Ranger programs, 1 blizzard, 3 Harvest Host farm visits, and best of all, 6 visits to family and friends.

Beyond the road trip, homeschooling (at home) has been going very well, too. I feel in my heart that this was the right decision for our family. Even though the school they went to before was friendly and very good academically, I’ve found that my ideas on what a “good” education is have shifted considerably since our time in Belize. I now believe that education is a far-reaching thing that doesn’t start at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. And it’s not something that magically happens to kids under the roof of a public or private school. Instead, education is something that happens in all aspects of life, especially in *real* life situations.

Visit to Alpaca Farm

I suppose I’ve changed quite a lot in the last couple of years. But if you aren’t changing, I guess you might as well get ready to see the white light–cuz, baby, you’re DEAD.

Another massive change in my life lately is what I call my spiritual thought shift. I used to believe that happiness comes strictly from “following your dreams.” And I believed “dreams” were things you could DO or ACQUIRE. You know, the big trip to Belize. Or buying the alpaca farm. :) Lately, however, I’m shifting my thoughts ever so slightly to realize that dreams can happen right within me, with no outward changes apparent to anyone else. Things like practicing gratitude every day and understanding that I can change my world and my personal fortune by changing my thoughts have catapaulted me into a new existence.

Oh, don’t worry… I’m the same confused, verbose, thinking-too-much Renaissance Housewife. I haven’t quite reached my Renaissance yet! But I feel like I’ve gathered even more valuable tools for my toolbox and now it’s just a matter of building the ship that will take me to safe harbor.

I’m still following my dreams but, armed with a stronger view of who I am spiritually, I am appreciating the dreams even more. They say you travel to outside places to find your inner places. That was true for me in Belize and for me during this last road trip, RVing across America. Both trips were fun, adventurous, and family bonding experiences. But they were also times of deep personal growth for me. I hope I never stop growing, even if I’m not traveling (like right now, when I’m sitting on my recliner in my home in Pennsylvania, recovering from foot surgery). No matter where I am or what my current lifestyle looks like, I don’t intend to ever settle for anything other than full enlightenment.

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Writer, mother of four awesome kids, and free thinker, Domini Hedderman is the author of the book, Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life, which tells the story of her family's six-month sabbatical in Belize. Since the trip, she and her family are homeschooling and traveling extensively. Her soul mission is to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Check out her other website at

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Time

  1. You truly seem to be in a much more enlightened, peaceful place. Perhaps we too will find the inner place instead of being so focused on the travel side of living the dream. Love your writing.

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